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  1. Ryan Thomas
    Ryan Thomas
    Where are you based?
  2. Jeff Jones
  3. Benners
    Here to learn so please be kind
  4. Benners
    Brand new to the Inspire flying team, graduated from the lower leagues of Phantom 2.
  5. ernst
    ernst darrene
    Hi Darrene, just wondering if you could share the link to the x5r ssd's?

    Kind regards
  6. NJV
    NJV dgreen729
    Hi Dan, I may be interested in your x3. Any idea of the cost to ship it to an address in New York USA? What condition is it in? Did I notice a scratch on the filter and possibly on the camera near the lens from the pictures?
    Thanks, Nick
  7. FLYCAM24.RU
  8. UAV Man
    UAV Man
    DRONE-POLICE officer patrolling forums for pilots flouting local laws and regulations with no care for the consequences on others.
  9. UAV Man
    UAV Man
    ...<b>DRONE-POLICE</b> officer patrolling forums for the pilots that give a $h17!!!
  10. Bfd
    P3p pilot whose benefactor has ordered an I1v2 for me to play with
  11. BirdCraft
  12. BirdCraft
    We love skimming over this site and reading of how others are succeeding.
  13. NickB
    NickB damoncooper
    Hi Damon - Ive just bought the battery mod adaptor for my Inspire1v2 Pro, and have trawled all 91 pages of this discussion, but I can't see any clear recommendations for Lipos. I would like to extend my 12 min flight time to perhaps 17 mins, but its mainly for redundancy. I am looking for a pair of v light 6S Lipos - do you have any suggestions?
  14. Intimo
    Ready to go
  15. buzzleclair
    - Inspire 1 V2 : - Camera X3 : - Radio : 1.07.60 - Ipad pro 12,9" Litchi : V 3.10.0 DJI GO : 3.1.1
  16. FLYCAM24.RU
  17. Doron
    Loking for buing a used/seconhand case for inspire 1.fr this weekin london
  18. PatrickP
    PatrickP FtApache
    hey i have a curiosity question for you , it says you joined the forum on friday wanting to buy an X5R?

    "Looking at buying a X5R camera. Anybody know what the market value is for a used X5R? I've been the grey markets, but all I see are X5s. Thanks. "

    but now 4 days later your trying to sell me one you purchased in september?

    not quite sure i fully understand , could you elaborate?
  19. SergioG
    SergioG gavinski
    Hello, I am traveling to Krabi tomorrow and noticed your Sept Post. Were you able to fly in the Railei Beach area without any problems? Thanks, Sergio
  20. Ralph thompson
    Ralph thompson
    Professional Photographer