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  1. Josey_Whales
    Licensed Remote Pilot, Phantom 3 Pro, upgrading to Inspire 2 X5S.
  2. Steve Cassidy
    Steve Cassidy
    Teetering on the brink of ordering an I2/X5S.....but waiting for the DJI/Litchi/Autopilot firmware mess to be resolved.
  3. Steve Cassidy
    Steve Cassidy
    Tetering on the brink of ordering an I2/X5S.....but waiting for the DJI/Litchi/Autopilot
  4. PortCanaveralFlorida
    PortCanaveralFlorida SanCap
    Nice camera, makes me want one, and great pic's on your website too I might add! If you studied well I'm sure you'll pass the test, let us know how it went.
  5. Anthony69
    Anthony69 dv8ed
    Can I ask where you purchased the case that holds the Inspire batteries and the Smart Powercharge charger? Thank you.
    1. dv8ed
      It was from Go Professional Cases. You can call or email them to see if they still make it. I checked their website right now and I don't see it.
      Mar 27, 2017 at 1:47 PM
      Anthony69 likes this.
    2. Anthony69
      I've sent them two emails and no response so far. Last week, I tried ordering from one of their dealers who listed it but had no luck. Hoping GPC still makes them. Thank you.
      Mar 27, 2017 at 5:58 PM
  6. toddinrochester
    toddinrochester LuvMyTJ
    Hey man, opening up an Expert Drones store on Ridgeway and Longpond. Right next to Dibellas and on the other side is the bridal shop. Official opening day is May 1st but we will be there all month doing repairs. We are a dji, yuneec, 3dr authorized repair center and will be carrying drones from all the vendors. I know you are in Greece or in that general area, stop in sometime.
  7. CvdL
    CvdL Split7
    @Split7: are you willing to share the info on the antenna's you use and give a link to some good antenna upgrades. In a newby in this area. Thanks very much
  8. utcinema
  9. Mike perry
    Mike perry Crash33
    Will have damaged inspire1 and a phantom. Have no idea what they are worth , will send pics if you may interested,
    1. Crash33
      Yes what parts on the inspire are still good
      Mar 21, 2017
  10. Mike perry
    Mike perry Crash33
    No I'm waiting on the guy to show up noe
  11. Mike perry
    Mike perry Crash33
    Just sold it
  12. MarkLincs
    MarkLincs LeonA
    Hi, uk certified operator based in Lincolnshire, how can I help.
  13. Mike perry
    Mike perry AeroMirage
    Hey I have. X5 all the hardware case and a couple Insp1 x2
  14. Mike perry
    Mike perry Jahstys
    Parts I have x5 and many other parts in today
  15. Mike perry
    Mike perry Jahstys
    Several parts came in today: two Inpire2/ two Zenmuse Z3(oneused) other was new and sold .I have let me know what you need
  16. Ben Paulson
    Ben Paulson OI Photography
    I can't find a delete account button and also cannot figure out how to PM somebody. If you could delete my account that would be great. Thanks
  17. Oyibo VFX
    Oyibo VFX
    Adventure is just bad planning
  18. DoblW
    'Igualmente Diferentes | Equally Different"
  19. dmarti3
    dmarti3 Charles.mabry
    Hi, Im interested in the X5, I have a near new X3. How much are you after?
  20. Crash33
    Crash33 Andrei Voinigescu
    Are the batteries still available