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17 Aug 2016


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  1. marg2
  2. UAV Man
    @Frogsby90 Yeah these things are pretty much throw away, design over strength. My next will be a DIY hex, at least then the repair bills will be less.
  3. Frogsby90
    @UAV Man Yeah that was our problem we were in between buildings in Dallas and lost satellite signal so it just automatically returned to home but right into a building it was only up about 4 feet...
  4. UAV Man
    @Frogsby90 I had a similar level of damage, Inspire versus concrete sea wall, 1.2k win to sea wall :( wasn't a RTH issue, was an idiot on controller issue (me). I don't use the RTH, too many near...
  5. Frogsby90
    @UAV Man I wish I did it was an early time before it was a common offering we got this right when the inspire came out!!! Fortunately it was the only crash we have had since then we have learned...