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  1. Lloyd
    @jlvencl Occasionally my 35-100 mm has a distorted image and brings up some error message. Usually turning the drone on and off fixes the problem. You could also try putting the DJI 15 mm on and...
  2. jlvencl
    Not sure how they got the Olympus M.Zuiko 17mm f/2.8 Lens working, it says "lens not connected" and does not focus. Anyone have this problem or know of a solution? Maybe the lens is bad?
  3. marg2
  4. UAV Man
    @Frogsby90 Yeah these things are pretty much throw away, design over strength. My next will be a DIY hex, at least then the repair bills will be less.
  5. Frogsby90
    @UAV Man Yeah that was our problem we were in between buildings in Dallas and lost satellite signal so it just automatically returned to home but right into a building it was only up about 4 feet...