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How to Unlock DJI NFZ

Discussion in 'Photos and Videos' started by Ikopta, Aug 25, 2016.

  1. Ikopta

    Jul 30, 2015
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    Quick one on Unlocking DJI NFZ, when you've got no signal/wifi.
    What a ball ache, Surely if you have a PFAW, which you renew annually, insurance etc you should need only do the unlock once.
    Every 3 days?! Feel I'm at school again. My driving licence is valid till I'm 70, shotgun licence is every 5 years, bad enough that the PFAW is every year. But every 3 days!! And if you have no signal, 4G, internet etc your shagged. I understand if you're recreational, no insurance etc it's then a conscience decision before doing something stupid, which I applaud, but when no one is policing!!! Oh well, enjoy.